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My articles in Cutler Bay News:                                                     

                        Why I hate computers                                               My transition to Widows 8 and 8.1

                         Underwear advice from an expert                          For Men only

                         What can I do with all my STUFF?                        We all have this problem

                         How did I get to be so smart?                                  Perhaps I don't need a digital signature?

                        All my favorite words are gone!                               What is a stereo and who wears dungarees?

                       Am I really a rat?                                                            I've been called that by at least one person  

                       What is wrong with us?                                                Does God want us killing those who worship differently?

                       Learn to appreciate others .                                        I certanily do now. hands!

                       Has everything already been invented?                    I wish that were true sometimes!

                       Explore China with 1.6 billion people!                      It is more than egg rolls and dim-sum.
                             More from China!                                                     Save your $$ and read thsi
                             Final China Story... Interesting!

                      Stand My Ground?                                                          Would I be arrested for shooting my computer?                  

                       I don't understand some things! Do you?                 When did you buy your last mattress?

                       How were you in School?                                              My teachers were not allowed to be married. Read why.

                       Black in America. What's it like?                                  Are you familiar wit the Red Tail Squadron? you should be.  
                       All this in Cutler Bay Florida?                                       We have a treasure right here in our little town!

                        The Dog Whisperer                                                         Be prepared to shed some tears. I did!

                        My tips for better health (yeah, sure!)                         How to behave in a gym. Important facts.

                        Militia                                                                                  Can you shoot someone for using their cell phone?

                        My class in reading                                                          Will we actually have to read in the future. Maybe not.

                        Texting and talking                                                           f u cn rd ths u  ar txtg too much

                         Federal Air  Regulation Team   F.A.R.T.                     Is F.A.R.T. doing their job protecting us?

                         Has this ever happened to you?                                    Some of the dangers of the Internet! Don't get caught

                         The final straw                                                                  Moire frustrations with my damned computer.

                          Well regulated                                                                  What is the real meaning of the 2nd amendment

                          The Creator                                                                       My advice to the Supreme Being on improving mankind

                          Good old days?                                                                 Were they really that good?

                          Trapped in a vagina                                                         You must be over 18 or under 39 to read this!

                          Are you going to be underwater?                                   The dangers of global warming and ocean rise.
                                          My Solution             Click to view!

                          Is Bambi safe now ?.....................................................More about gun control (sorry)

                          Passport to heaven?                                                            Will you really need one?

                          Why me?                                                                               I'm tired of waiting for stupid people! 

                          Broadway                                                                               In Cutler Bay?

                         The wheels on the bus go ....                                             Our bus holid

                         It's in the clouds!-------------------------------------------Pray for rain

                          Are the police really the bad guys?                                     What do you think?  

                          GUYS & DOLLS                                                                      Read all about it!  

                          Are any of us safe?                                                                   Ask your God

                          Aloha                                                                                           The truth about Hawaii

                          Hit & run                                                                                   So what if you just killed someone

                          Are Oreos really good for you?                                                Ask any rat

                         Do we need a dictator?                                                               I offer myself!

                         Tallahassee                                                                                   Lots 0f fun??

                         TRAFFIC!                                                                                     Will it ever end?

                          Speed Bumps of Life                                                                   Are you ready for them?  

                           Over 50?                                                                                        Some guidelines 

                           My Town                                                                                        Why am I so proud?    

                            The Greatest Generation                                                              met some of them   

                            FREE $$$ from U.S. Govt.!!                                                        Really!!     

                            Don't call me...Please!                                                                  How do I get off these call lists?    

                            Just Say NO!                                                                                    Here's how I do it

                            Peace on Earth?                                              Not likely!


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